Nothing beats the team of doctors at Integrated Injury Specialist. I am so fortunate to get referral for them, and my experience with each and every one was very positive. I was never rushed into anything, and without the help of doctors at IIS, I would not been able to recover and go back to my work after my accident in such a short period.

Allen. M

I have learned a big lesson in my life to not deal with Insurance companies on my own. I met with a bad accident and first try to deal with insurance company on my own, however after I hired a attorney he referred me to the medical specialist of IIS, with the report and other documents that doctor provided me, just made life was easier. If it was not for doctor Lai and his team, I would have problem of the time time after my  accident and recovery would have been worst. Thank you.

Cara. J

I would give more than 10 stars if it was an option to do so. Accidents are no fun and no one should go through it, however we don’t choose what ahead of us, specially accidents. However if do get into one, the best suggestion I have is to deal with professionals, your road to recovery will be way better than you trying on your own. It did not cost me anything for this great service, as they bill my insurance directly, but it gave me a great piece of mind.  Highly recommend.

 Amanda. Z