Dealing with Injuries

At Integrated Injury Specialists, we take pride in helping patients receive medical care following traumatic accidents. We proudly accept medical liens at our practice.

How Does Medical Lien Work?

Medical lien allows patients to receive the medical treatment they may require after an accident with no out-of-pocket payment necessary. Injuries can be caused by auto, work or sports accidents. With the help of an attorney, victims of traumatic accidents can receive specialized medical care at our facility.

Don’t Wait to Address Injuries
  • If you wait to address symptoms or injuries sustained from accidents, injuries can worsen over time.
  • Self-treatment following traumatic accidents may also lead to more serious complications down the line.
  • Hidden injuries may be present and can only be identified by experienced physicians.
  • Even small accidents can inflict damage on the body.

At Integrated Injury Specialists, our team of doctors specializes in pain management and rehabilitation. We work closely with physicians who specialize in various fields to provide a comprehensive approach to medical care. Our doctors strive to help patients regain function and alleviate debilitating pain with our effective treatments.

We are not bound or restricted by any insurance companies, which allows us to freely treat personal injury patient cases. Diagnose and treat your condition at Integrated Injury Specialists. Contact us today to book your consultation.