About Us

At Integrated Injury Specialists, we are a team of board-certified physicians that specialize in rehabilitation and pain medicine. Our doctors provide leading medical services for patients involved in personal injury cases. We are in constant communication with attorneys to provide coordinated medical care. Our team has carefully prescreened and hand-selected hyper-specialized doctors and surgeons to provide the top comprehensive care at Integrated Injury Specialists.

We understand that accidents happen and patients should receive proper care and treatment. Pain and injuries sustained from accidents should not be left to chance and should be treated immediately without the restrictions of health care and insurance providers. Our doctors utilize the most advanced technology to diagnose injuries and identify conditions. All medical evaluations and treatments are covered under our lien services. We help patients receive medical care in a prompt and timely manner. Our team takes pride in offering the top medical lien services for our patients.

We Accept Medical Liens

We are a reliable, skilled and compassionate team of physicians ready to help our patients. We are dedicated to helping treat patients during this stressful time. If you are an attorney, contact our friendly staff for more information on our medical lien services. If you have recently suffered from an accident, schedule an appointment with us to get the medical care you deserve.