What Are the Most Common Sports Injuries?

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You are likely pretty sedentary during working hours. When you hit the gym after work or on the weekend, your joints and muscles may not like the sudden shift to activity. The result can be a sports injury. Scientists describe a sports injury as “the loss of bodily function or structure that is the object of observations in clinical examinations.” For insurance to cover your treatment, qualified injury specialists must first evaluate you.

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The Four Most Common Sports Injuries

Ankle Sprain

The ligaments on the outside of your ankle are relatively week. Ankle sprains occur when you turn your foot inward in an awkward way. They can also occur when you turn it too far inward, for instance, when you trip. This turning stretches or tears the ligaments in your outer ankle.

If you experience tenderness above the ankle with a sprain, see a doctor. It might mean you have a “high-ankle sprain.” High ankle sprains are slower to heal, and also may indicate the upper leg has separated from the lower. If your sprain is to the lower ankle, it is important to exercise it. This will prevent a loss of flexibility and strength.

The Physical Therapists at Integrated Injury Specialists can show you what exercises will promote healing.

Groin Strain

A groin strain, or groin pull, is an injury or tear to the adductor muscles of the inner thigh. Sudden movements like twisting or jumping can trigger them. Although they are usually not serious, they make take a long time to recover from. You may feel pain from a groin strain anywhere from the hip to the knee. This may make it difficult to walk and/or run without pain. There may also be swelling or bruising. Sports are the most common cause of a groin strain.

Be aware that a groin strain can are sometimes confused with other problems. Hip inflammation or a hip strain can feel like a groin strain. Stress fractures may also feel similar.

For an accurate diagnosis, visit the doctors at Integrated Injury Specialists. Self-care for a groin strain involves RICEN: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Your doctor may also diagnose stretching, massage, physical therapy, or electrotherapy.

Hamstring Strain

A hamstring strain is a strain, or tears, to the large muscles in the back of the thigh. Like other sprains and strain, a severe case can take months to heal. If your strain is minor, you could be walking pain-free in a few days.

Hamstring sprains occur when you stretch the hamstring muscles beyond their limit. This often occurs with a sudden movement. You are more likely to injure your hamstring if you have injured it before. These types of recurring injuries often happen with athletes.

Regular stretching will help you avoid hamstring strains. Remember to always stretch before exercise.

If you experience this type of strain, you can treat it at home using the RICEN method outlined above. If you are not healing, or your symptoms are getting worse, make sure to contact the experts at integrated Injury Specialists for help.

Shin Splints

The term “shin splints” refers to pain along the shinbone (tibia.) The tibia is the larger of two bones connecting your knee to your ankle. Shin splints are common in runners, dancers, and military groups. These types of athletes often hike or walk long distances. An intense activity can cause the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue to become overworked, causing pain. Initially, you may only experience pain when you are exercising. Eventually, though, you may experience pain every time you walk. If left unchecked shin splints can lead to a stress reaction or a stress fracture.

Wearing proper footwear can prevent shin splints. Changing an exercise routine can also help prevent them. If you do experience this type of pain, you can usually treat it with the RICEN method described above. In severe cases, seek treatment at Integrated Injury Specialists.

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