Neck Injuries and Sports

There is a reason why the phrase “sticking your neck out” for someone came into popularity; your neck is an extremely important and delicate part of the body. Like most of the body, it is built to absorb some damage, but when you are consistently participating in sports, these body parts are in more danger than most. With all the adrenaline and competitiveness driving your actions, you sometimes forget that your neck is susceptible to injury. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a burdensome sports injury, but in the unfortunate circumstance that you do, be sure to contact Integrated Injury Specialists to help with your recovery and neck injury treatment in Orange County.

The Neck’s Role

Your neck is the upper part of your spinal column, which is a bony structure that runs throughout most of your body. The neck area is more commonly referred to as cervical spine, and consists of seven bones that are separated and flexible. The strength of the bone mixed with the flexibility of the column is a perfect mix because it allows for protection from damage, as well as the ability to absorb shock. This structure houses your spinal cord, which is a very vulnerable and important feature of your body because it connects the brain to the rest of the body. The cervical spine may be resilient, but when it undergoes constant stress, it is only a matter of time until it gives. It is important to take every precaution necessary when participating in sports, and if you have an unfortunate accident resulting in neck pain, be sure to contact Integrated Injury Specialists right away for the best neck injury treatment in Orange County.

Different Types of Neck Injuries

There are many different reasons that you may have pain in your neck and a wide array of varying degrees of severity. Although the bones are separated in your neck, they are all part of one column, which means it is very easy to injure the soft tissue in your neck. Almost all neck injuries will affect the ligaments and muscles in the neck because of their interaction with the bone, so the most common injury type is soft tissue injury. Neck sprains fall into this category because a neck sprain is an injury specifically to the ligament in the neck.

Sprains can lead to many symptoms, such as pain in your shoulders, numbness, stiffness, muscle spams, and sometimes even sore throat. The most serious neck injury that you can sustain is one that threatens the spinal cord. Because your neck protects the spinal cord and nerves that make your body function properly, any damage that causes trauma to those nerves could be dangerous. Any injury that puts pressure on the nerves or spinal cord should be diagnosed and treated right away. Whether it is a degenerative disease, a sudden accident, or trauma from a sports collision, it is always important to find treatment.

Treatment for Neck Injury

The most obvious answer would be over the counter pain medication to help with direct symptoms of a neck injury; however, sometimes rest is the best medicine. When dealing with a neck injury, the area is susceptible to even more injury, and with a structure that protects your body’s ability to walk, it is important to let your neck heal. Here are some preventative measures you can take to ensure your neck is as strong as can be:

  • Be sure to have good posture to keep your neck and backbone strong.
  • Allow your neck time to heal if any trauma occurs.
  • Do not smoke because this can weaken your neck.
  • Avoid straining your neck with heavy bags, tucking your neck, or staying inactive for hours at a time.
  • Sleep with proper postures as well so that your neck is not strained throughout the night.

Sports can be a very important part of your life, but your neck is a very important part of your body. Without properly caring for your neck, sports may no longer be an option, so be sure to protect it as much as you can. When you sustain a neck injury be sure to get the best neck injury treatment in Orange County; you can contact Integrated Injury Specialists by clicking here!