What is the Difference Between a Sprain and a Strain?

When you get injured, it is easy to assume the worst and think about all the terrible things that could go wrong following your injury. Immediately after an accident that results in an injury, always make sure you examine the injury site, determine your level of pain, and decide if you need to see a personal injury doctor in Orange County, or if you are able to care for it on your own.

If you believe that you have suffered an injury that could either be a strain or a sprain, it is important to know the difference between the two, so that you can properly care for the injury if you choose to tend to it yourself. While strain and sprain injuries sound alike and have similar symptoms, they are very different in the way that they can affect your body, and they need to be cared for in different ways. Find out more about the difference between sprain and strain injuries with the help of Integrated Injury Specialists.

A Sprain Injury and Treatment

If you believe you have suffered a sprain injury, there are several ways to determine your symptoms, figure out if your injury is truly a sprain, and treat the site if a sprain has occurred. You can recognize a sprain by both its symptoms and its location. A sprain is described as a tearing or over-stretched ligament. Your ligaments are long, fibrous structures that connect two of your bones together in a joint. Sprains are most commonly experienced in our ankles, and even then, the kind of sprain suffered varies between an inverted, everted, high ankle, and general ankle sprain.

To treat any symptoms of a sprain or a strain, be sure to rest the area immediately at a slightly elevated angle and follow with an application of ice and compression. To diagnose a sprain, you can determine the kind of pain you are in, and the way the injury occurred. Sprains present with bruising, swelling, an inability to move the affected area, and a potential ‘popping’ noise that occurs at the time of the injury. If you are unable to move the affected area, or if the pain persists through diligent at-home treatments, consider scheduling an appointment with personal injury doctors in Orange County to make sure a more serious injury has not occurred.

A Strain Injury and Treatment

Like a sprain, a strain presents with symptoms of bruising and swelling, but they may also cause muscle spasms, along with an inability to move the injured area. Strains are described as a tearing or stretching of a tendon, which is a fibrous structure that connects your muscles to their corresponding bones. Strains are commonly experienced in your hamstring muscle, or lower back. If you have suffered from a sprain injury, follow the same method of treatment for a sprain with rest at an elevated angle, ice, and compression. Strains can occur when you are trying to lift heavy objects and don’t have the right form, if you slip at an awkward angle, or if you are trying to catch yourself before a fall. Strains can present as either an acute or chronic injury. An acute strain can be easily treated through a diligent healing routine, but chronic strains should be observed by a doctor, as they are strains that occur frequently from a repeated action.

Personal Injury Doctor in Orange County

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