Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Dangers of drowsy driving.

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Without it, you might not have enough energy to push you through the day. This leads to the inability to pay attention in school, unfinished projects at work, and increased irritability.  Let’s explore the dangers of drowsy driving.

Sleepiness can even affect the way you drive. The risks of drowsy driving are severe, if not fatal. It is important to understand why you must be fully rested before you venture out on the road. Here is what your accident injury doctor wants you to know about the dangers of drowsy driving. 

Dangerous Drowsy Driving Facts

Did you know that out of 150,000 American adults studied, 4% of them reported having fallen asleep at the wheel at least once per month? These same adults also reported that not getting enough sleep the night before caused them to fall asleep at the wheel. 

Driving is a dangerous activity that requires your full attention and alertness. When you are tired, you tend not to notice as much on the road. You might miss your exit, or you may even turn down the wrong lane and cause an accident. 

There is a direct link between lack of sleep and drowsy driving. People who sleep less than 6 hours every night are especially prone to drowsy driving. There are many symptoms of drowsiness that you might want to be aware of next time you hit the road.

Drowsy Driving Warning Signs

If you notice that you are displaying some of the following symptoms, you should reach out to your doctor or specialist for proper treatment. 

Some signs of drowsiness include: 

  • Drooping and closing eyelids
  • Difficulty keeping eyes fully open
  • Nodding off at the wheel or during work 
  • Frequently missing signs and exits
  • Drifting into other lanes 
  • Misremembering the last few miles of driving 
  • Constant yawning

You know when your body is tired. But you might not know when that tiredness is abnormal. You shouldn’t be struggling to stay awake each day; without getting a full night of rest, you may not be able to drive safely at all.

How to Prevent Drowsy Driving

Different prevention methods can keep you awake on the road. While you work to get your sleep schedule back on track, here are some things you can do in the meantime to prevent yourself from a dangerous driving situation. 

Don’t Drive Alone

You shouldn’t have to face those long commutes to and from work alone. Find a work buddy who lives close to you or a neighbor who needs a ride and form a carpool schedule. That way, you can have someone take over for you if you are too tired to drive. 

Arrange Rides Home 

Driving at night is statistically more dangerous than driving during the day. If you are already prone to accidents because of your drowsy driving, you should not have to face the road after a long day of work. See if you can arrange a ride home from someone so you can stay safe. 

Take a Nap 

If you feel yourself getting tired while you drive, you should pull over and rest. It is better to arrive late to your destination than not at all, so do your best to protect yourself in any situation. Find somewhere to take a short nap until you are awake enough to continue your drive.

Prevent Car Accident Injuries Today 

You should not be putting yourself at risk for any reason. If you are too tired to drive, then don’t drive! Figure out who can give you a ride or find a partner so you can switch driving responsibilities when you get tired. If your drowsiness impedes your ability to get through everyday tasks, it is time to see a specialist. Prevent big risk by getting in touch with our car accident injury specialists today! 

What Kind of Doctor Should You See After a Car Accident?

car injury doctor

Being involved in a car accident can be life-changing. Over 2 million people are injured or disabled in car accidents every year in the United States. In the midst of filling out the paperwork, meeting with your insurance agent, and taking care of your car there is one very important thing to take care of- you! Whether the car accident was large or small, it is important to get the proper care from a car injury doctor. This will ensure that any car accident injuries you currently have are healing properly and that no future injuries come from something that was overlooked.

To find an injury specialist near you after a car accident, contact Integrated Injury today.

Primary Care Doctor

Assuming you do not have any severe injuries that require you to immediately go to the emergency room, your primary care doctor should be first on your list. It is extremely important that you make this visit. Common side effects, like sprains and whiplash, can take a few days to manifest. Therefore, even if you feel fine immediately after the accident, you should still make an appointment. Here are a few things you should go over:

  • Discuss the details of the accident. Since each accident is different, knowing some of the details of the accident can help guide your doctor about what to be aware of. For example, if you were hit from behind vs. from the side may affect where injuries will be in your body. Also knowing details, like the intensity of the impact, can be important.
  • Discuss any discomfort or pain you are feeling. While some injuries may take a few days to appear, others are immediate. When you meet with your doctor, make sure to discuss any discomfort or pain you feel. This includes when you are walking, sleeping, or even just breathing.

Specialty Car Injury Doctor

Once you have visited your primary care doctor, they may recommend that you visit an injury specialist. When you visit a car injury doctor, it is likely that they will take any x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, or other diagnosis work needed to better understand your injuries.

From there, they can submit their results back to your primary care doctor for further discussion. Following your doctor’s advice and scheduling a visit with their recommendation can ensure that you get the specialized care you need.


Many overlook a therapist. However, taking care of your mental state after an accident is just as crucial as taking care of your mental state. For many, car accidents can be a traumatic experience that leaves them with fear and anxiety around getting back into a car again. However, the ability to drive has become an almost necessary part of the world that we live in today. Therefore, working through fear and anxiety can be a healing part of successful steps in recovery after a car accident.

While dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. Seeking help from a qualified car injury doctor doesn’t have to be.

Car Injury Specialists

If you are in a car accident and looking for help, contact the car injury doctors at Integrated Injury. With extensive experience specialty cases, injuries, and attorneys, we take pride in being an incredible resource following a car accident.