For Attorneys

At Integrated Injury Specialists, we are not restricted by any insurance company and happily provide services on a lien basis. Our doctors have the experience and expertise to effectively treat patients involved in traumatic accidents. Our entire staff will provide any documentation and testimonials necessary for the case. We strive to make this an effortless process for all parties involved and are dedicated to remaining transparent throughout the entire process. We have years of experience working closely with attorneys.

At Integrated Injury Specialists, we have access to the leading specialized physicians to provide the top coordinated care for patients. Through our unique personalized care, patients can receive a thorough diagnosis and proper treatment for their injuries. We utilize the most advanced technology to perform all exams and procedures. Our comprehensive care allows you to focus on your client and their case. Our goal is to get patients back to pre-injury condition regardless of the outcome case.

We are a team of specialized doctors and staff ready to help your client. Contact us today for more information about our medical lien services.