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Medical Lien Services

At Integrated Injury Specialists, our skilled team of doctors are dedicated to treating patients with our multidisciplinary approach. It is important for patients to address any symptoms or injuries following traumatic accidents to avoid long-term damage. We recommend that patients receive a thorough consultation after an accident to ensure that there are no hidden injuries. We work closely with attorneys to ensure that all medical expenses are covered. Our medical lien services include car accident injury, whiplash injury, spinal injury, workers’ comp injury and specialized medical services.

For Patients

Don’t wait to address injuries caused by traumatic accidents, contact our team of doctors today. We proudly accept medical liens at our practice. We help patients receive the treatment they require after accidents with no out-of-pocket payment necessary.

Affiliated Doctors

Albert Lai

M.D., Director

Charles S. Daniels


Dr. ​Shinto ​Koshy


Dr. Philip Chiou


Dr. David Dekriek


Dr. Maria Grijalva


Dr. Dawn T. Vu


Dr. Janet Nghiem


Dr. David Kahng


Dr. Phillip Lim


Dr. Kelli McSwan


Dr. Galina Nikolskaya


Dr. Amit Gosalia


Dr. Karine Shaghoyan


Dr. Mohsin Shah

For Attorneys

Our practice is not restricted by any insurance company and happily accept medical lien patients. We strive to make this an effortless process for all parties involved and are dedicated to remaining transparent throughout the entire process.

Our Approach

Personal Injury requires a continuum of care, which is why we reinforce and support physician initiatives.
Every board certified specialist and medical professional at IIS embodies essential traits to help
improve the quality of life, and these qualities are a reflection of our standards.

The primary goal is to achieve a maximal restoration of physical, psychological, social and vocational
function through comprehensive rehabilitation. The approach to caring is based on improvement
in quality of life through improvement in function.

Benefits of Our Approach

We proudly work with other health providers and attorneys to provide the
best outcome for the patient.

Lower risk treatment option for injuries.

Minimally invasive procedures.

Return to pre-accident lifestyle.

Reduced use of pain medications.


Allen. M

Nothing beats the team of doctors at Integrated Injury Specialist. I am so fortunate to get referral for them, and my experience with each and every one was very positive...

Cara. J

I have learned a big lesson in my life to not deal with Insurance companies on my own. I met with a bad accident and first try to deal with insurance company...

Amanda. Z

I would give more than 10 stars if it was an option to do so. Accidents are no fun and no one should go through it, however we don’t choose what ahead of us, specially...